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Align with one of Sydney’s longest running children’s not-for-profit organisations focused on learning difficulties, and the benefits for your organisation, your employees and society will be far reaching.

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The benefits

  • Reward and develop employees with meaningful volunteering and engagement opportunities with some of Sydney’s most disadvantaged children.
  • Assist to benefit disadvantaged and disengaged young people by ensuring funding reaches those in need.
  • Help break the cycle of disadvantage in our society by investing in educational opportunities for disadvantaged children.
  • Align your organisation with children’s education, disadvantaged children and children’s emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Create brand differentiation by promoting children and family success stories on those who have undertaken our programs.
  • Share results on children’s learning gains from programs such as Reading for Life®.
  • Gain valuable social media and local media coverage.
  • Provide additional benefits to employees such as lunchtime seminars by Learning Links professionals, and free articles and tips on children’s learning via Learning Links eNews.

Engage your employees and help change the life of primary school kids with learning difficulties, by investing in Learning Links’ Reading for Life program. The program targets children in Years 2-4 who are struggling and falling behind in their literacy development. Our program, with the use of funds and volunteers, is proven to increase children’s literacy skills and on average children make gains of 8 months from when they started. It also helps them regain confidence in themselves and feel equal to their peers.

Early intervention is critical as the learning gap widens over time when children start falling behind. Children with learning difficulties improve by only 6 months for every year they attend school, with their peers improving by a full 12 months. For example, by the time a child with a learning difficulty has finished year 5, they will only be performing at the level of a Year 3 student.

There is little government funding available for children with learning difficulties as most do not have a diagnosed disability. These children are not eligible for NDIS and there are no other significant sources of funding for interventions that apply to learning difficulties. Many children therefore never receive the help and intervention they require to stop them from falling behind.

The Impact Of Learning Difficulties

The impact of learning difficulties is long-term, resulting in an increased risk of:


The impact of learning difficulties is long-term, resulting in an increased risk of

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Learning Links is focussed on resolving a significant and serious issue in our community – the negative impact of learning difficulties on our children and their future. The benefits of the program are sustainable for each participating child. Learning difficulties can impact multiple generations creating a cycle of disadvantage. By investing in educational opportunities for disadvantaged children you will be helping to break this cycle.

Please note volunteering is not compulsory to invest in this program, volunteers can be sourced from the community.

Our Funders

Platinum Partners

The Rali Foundation

The Greeba Jamison Perpetual Trust

Bankstown Communities for Children Facilitating Partner is funded by the Australian Government and facilitated in Bankstown by The Smith Family

Gold Partners

Canterbury Clubs Partnership: Canterbury League Club, Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL, Campsie RSL, Lantern Club


Ingleburn RSL


Wyong Rugby League Club

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