Do I need to get the Working With Children Check and what is it for?

Yes you do! This check is a Government requirement for all people who work or volunteer in child-related work. It involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct. It must be completed 14 days prior to your first volunteer session.

During your training session we will provide you with a link to the volunteer Working With Children Check form.  It can take up two weeks for the whole process to take place so you must make sure you complete this in time because the entire program cannot start until the whole team of 10 volunteers have completed their check.

How much time do I need to commit each week to the Reading for Life® program?

You must be able to commit 45 minutes a week for a total of 15 weeks for the sessions with your child. On top of this allow any travel time getting to and from the school.

How long is the volunteer training and where does it take place?

Volunteer training is really important so will take three hours to complete. If you have volunteered as a group from an organisation, we will come to you and it will be done at your office. Otherwise we will be in touch to let you know where your training will take place.

What support will I get throughout the program?

On top of the initial three hours training, you’ll receive a Reading Buddy manual and kit to help you along the way. There will also be ongoing phone and email support from your Learning Links For Life Program Coordinator whenever you need it.

If you have volunteered as a group from an organisation your team will nominate a Site Champion who will work closely with the Learning Links For Life Program Coordinator to ensure all information on training, volunteer dates, the chosen school and any volunteer illness are communicated in a timely manner. The Site Champion will rally the troops to ensure all appropriate paperwork is completed in time. They will be the main communicator between Learning Links and all your fellow colleagues who are volunteering.

Will I meet my buddy child prior to the sessions starting?

You won’t get to meet your buddy child before the first session however you will be provided with an introduction sheet which introduces you to your buddy child and provides you with details on one or two interests your buddy child has. This will help you start the conversation on your first session!